Who We Are

We’re a distributed team that works across the globe supporting early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. We have extensive experience in sales, go-to-market, revenue operations, business development, and sales management.

If you’re curious about why we named the company JJELLYFISH (pronounced jelly-fish) you can find out by reading: The Right Way to Cut People Off in Meetings. We are serious about the work we do, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. ☺

Here’s a snapshot of our team.



Justin Lawson

Co-Founder & CEO

“I love startup sales, doing my part to make other founders successful, and the constant commercial iteration required when building companies.”


Jen Abel

Co-Founder & Partner

“Nothing excites me more than navigating the ambiguity of early stage sales – and getting the unique chance to build a life-long career in it. There is nothing more powerful than connecting someone with a problem today to someone who is manically focused on solving it tomorrow.”


Team Members


Dom Cappuccilli, Senior Consultant - Engagement Manager

Megan Shaw, Senior Consultant - Engagement Manager

Thomas Liou, Senior Consultant - Engagement Manager


Board of Advisors

David Castellani, Business Information Officer, New York Life Insurance

Natalie Leone, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, BlackRock

Marisa Ricciardi, Chief Executive Office, The Ricciardi Group


Michael Robson, Chief Operating Officer, Industrious

Beth Viner, Partner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Ventures


Our Team’s Values

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