The truths we hold

In an ever-changing market, there have been a few constants. These beliefs act as our north star and are some of the reasons why we started JJELLYFISH.



Good enough sucks.

  • We find many solutions are capable of so much more — better value propositions, higher deal sizes, more strategic pilots. Instead, they succumb to the pressure of the quick close (or worse, the no close). We understand speed is a competitive advantage, but do not believe it has to come at the expense of great.




R comes before S. Repeat, then scale.

  • Companies graduate to scale, and unfortunately, most startups fail when they commit to this too early. It is critical to validate a repeating sales process that captures the required value from target customers. In other words, before hiring a bunch of SDRs, traditional AEs and a Big Co. VP… Understand the implications of current funnel performance, sell in a similar way over and over, identify recurring ways to reach and close customers, embrace a test & learn sales mindset — among other things.




Business models win, not products.

  • There are a lot of founders building amazing products, however, many lack experience launching new markets, developing sales processes, and testing commercial models. The reality is that it’s difficult to find salespeople specialized in the early stages of company growth. We believe it does not have to be this way.